Meaningful testing and compliance with EMC and EMI Standards is only possible with properly calibrated antennas and equipment. EMCS has full access to Australian Standard laboratories and facilities which are the peak-body of the Australian measurement system. This arrangement allows us to offer high quality calibration of a broad range of test equipment to internationally recognised standards. EMCS is NATA accredited to perform calibration of a range of EMC antennas and absorbing clamps. The other non-NATA accredited services include: ESD Generator, Current Probes and Signal Generators and Doppler Speed Radar Calibration at the NMI West Lindfield Site.

National EMC Calibration and it's parent group, EMCS, have exclusive access to a suite of test sites and laboratories, including those of the National Measurement Institute Australia (NMIA), allowing us to offer an extensive calibration service to both local and international clients.
EMCS and National EMC Calibration calibrate most types of antennas used for EMC testing and EMC test site validation, including Dipole, Biconical, Log-Periodic, Bilog and Horn antennas. Patterns for antennas can also be measured in our anechoic facilities.
EMC Equipment
A wide range of equipment is required in order to be able to ensure devices are manufactured to, and that sites comply with, EMC Standards. EMCS and National EMC Calibration offer validation and calibration services as appropriate for a large selection of equipment including ESD Generators, Absorbing Clamps, Current Probes, and Signal Generators.
Doppler Speed Radar
Access to the laboratories of the National Measurement Institute Australia (NMIA) at Lindfield also allows us to offer a comprehensive Doppler Speed Radar calibration service.