Compliance with EMC and EMI Standards is a rigorous process. EMC Services has lead from the front worldwide when it comes to the development, improvement and enforcement of these stringent standards.

Country Compliance
EMCS provides testing for compliance to all major EMC standards applicable in Australia and overseas.
Military Testing
Most Defence equipment is required to comply with MIL-STD-461 using the test methods of MIL-STD-462. Various editions of these standards are in use ranging from MIL-STD 461B to 461E. These tests can be performed here in Australia by EMC Services Pty Ltd.
The Australian government requires that all imported or locally produced electrical and electronic equipment comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emission requirements. A compliant product must bear the C-Tick logo.
CE Mark Testing
Products exported to a member country of the European Community (EC) must comply with the EC’s EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and be EC marked.
FCC certification for EMC compliance differs from the requirements for the rest of the world. Both testing and certification can be carried out by EMC Services prior to the product being exported and may be performed in Australia.