EMC Services has decades of experience worldwide in minimising and preventing all aspects of non-ionising radiation, power frequency EMF, RF heating equipment (ISM), Communications and transmitters, computers and office electronics and, explosives.

Communications, Broadcast Transmitters and Radar
Broadcast Transmitters and Radar Transmitters for broadcast radio, TV and communications are often high powered ranging up to several hundred kilowatts.
Non Ionising Radiation
National Health and Safety standards and WorkCover require the designation of all areas which may endanger health or life.
RF Heating Equipment (ISM)
A high proportion of industrial and medical processes now use High power Radio Frequency (RF) heating processes, or use high power RF sources to perform their basic functions.
High powered RF frequency sources such as radio, TV and communications transmitters as well as ISM equipment, are not only potentially a hazard to human health but are able to trigger or ignite explosive substances.