With the increasing prevalence of electronic devices that that use radio technologies to enable them to be both smarter and connected with the other devices in our homes and offices the issue of EMF and EMR and how it relates to our health and well being has never been more relevant. EMC Services long background in the industry leaves us excellently placed to advise you on all aspects of EME and how they affect you.

Power Frequency
Electromagnetic fields (EMF) occur wherever electricity is used. They are a natural by-product of electricity and occur around electric wires and electrical appliances.
Radio Frequency
A seemingly ever expanding range of devices which includes mobile phones, Wireless Internet (WiFi), Bluetooth, Microwave ovens necessarily produce radio frequency EMR in order to operate.
Risk Assessment
Determining both what EMR is present and whether it is present at levels which present a risk to health and well being is an area of operation in which EMC Services is both highly experienced and well equipped to advise.