Technological advances have surrounded us with and ever increasing array of devices that have RF communication at the core of their operation. They often operate in tightly packed and competed for portions of the RF spectrum. The scope for unwanted interaction between these devices and the power infrastructure that feeds them, resulting in interference to correction operation, has never been greater. EMC Services long history in this field leaves it uniquely placed to help both diagnose and correct current problems and anticipate new problems before they occur.

Electromagnetic Interference to Radio & TV Broadcast Reception
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference to radio and TV reception may result from the associated receivers being located in a hostile environment or in an area where the available signal is inadequate (i.e. in a fringe area or receive signal shadow).
Interference to and Hazards of Computing and Similar Equipment
EMC Services (EMCS) are highly skilled in diagnosing the causes of data errors and equipment malfunctions resulting from high or extraneous electromagnetic fields, not infrequently experienced in banking and other areas of commerce.
Communications Security
Electronic security was once confined to the Defence Forces but now is of great concern in the financial, insurance and legal fraternities and similar activities of high sensitivity.
RF Site Surveys
An essential first step to rectifying EMF and EMI problems is the determination of what the levels of radiation are at a site of concern and what the sources are. When possible the sources are already known the levels at the site of concern can usually be calculated. Often, however, an actual survey of actual RF levels at the site is required. EMC Services many year of work in this arena leaves it uniquely placed to competently carry out such surveys
Modern medical and diagnostic equipment frequently requires low or specific levels of EMF for correct and safe operation. Particularly when such equipment is in installed in existing locations where these requirements were never envisaged, the most viable route to successful installation and commissioning is the addition of shielding to the environment in which the equipment is to be located. EMC Services experience in the analysis and recommendation of appropriate shielding in such situations is second to none.